Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fade to Ombre

We’re gearing up to launch our fall trends feature here at shopbop, which means I’ve got what’s hot for the season fresh in my brain. And there’s one trend making the transition from spring into fall: ombré. It’s showing up on luxe classics (like this Vince cardi), as well as the usual suspects (think tees and tanks). So consider this your insider tip.

First Fashion: Our Favorites From What's New

Sad but true: at this point in the year, I’ve all but given up on my summer wardrobe, kicked it to the curb, left it for dead. My fickle fashion heart? It only wants fall, Fall, FALL! Some soon-to-be favorite pieces I see making it into heavy rotation? So far I’ve found these:
The perfect little luxe-yet-laid-back style for layering over everything. This plus skinnies plus boots equals my go-to cool-weather look. (VPL Martha Cashmere Wrap)
After one too many moments spent digging to the bottom of my massive everyday bag in a dark bar searching for some essential item, I’ve decided it’s time I acquire a proper (but not precious) evening carry-all. This one’s plenty glam and keeps all those must-haves at my fingertips. (Botkier Metallic Rex Small Shoulder Bag)
Unlike most of the once-beloved pieces I’ve spent the last three months in (maxi dress, long tank, slouchy tee, leggings? I’m talking to you), my red-hot romance with the vest is continuing into fall. The subtle metallic threads and fabric-covered buttons make this one feel really special. (Karen Zambos Vintage Couture Fitted Vest)
Farewell summer style loves! Right now it’s all about fall. Find your new fashion friends in What’s New.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

5 Questions for the Designers Behind Alkemie

With Alkemie Jewelry, husband-and-wife design team Ashley Lowengrub and Dara Gerson have perfected the art of "transforming something common into something precious." Environmentally responsible and stylishly eclectic, Alkemie is forged from 100% reclaimed metals and combines nature-inspired figures with inventive details. One-of-a-kind designs and expert craftsmanship make Alkemie Jewelry more art than accessory.

What is the philosophy behind your line?
The philosophy behind our line encompasses four main principles. First, a socially conscious and ethical foundation; it’s environmentally sound and fashion forward; and finally, it’s at an affordable price point. We feel that you do not have to sacrifice style to be socially and environmentally responsible.

What inspires your designs?
Our designs are inspired by the beauty of nature, timeless vintage pieces, our two daughters, each other, and love.

Does your current collection have a theme? What is the inspiration behind it?
The theme of our current collection is The Maiden Voyage. The collection is inspired by organic themes of the Art Nouveau movement and nature.

What is your best accessorizing advice?
Our best accessorizing advice is to layer and interchange different pieces in different looks, which gives individuality and interest.

Do you follow Coco Chanel’s rule: “take one piece off before you leave the house”?
In all due respect to Coco Chanel, we feel that there are no rules. The key is visual balance where you are comfortable. Hopefully one knows the difference between too much and just enough.

First Fashion: Our Favorites from What's New

Feminine but not girly, my picks today include shopbop’s downtown sophisticate Elizabeth and James, and newcomer Black Halo.
Love the print and the belt. Plus, Maureen tried this on this morning (for writing purposes, I swear!) and the shawl collar is incredibly flattering. (Elizabeth and James, Yoko Print Dress)
Normally I try to avoid choosing two pieces from the same brand, but I’m sort of obsessed with the goldenrod color and neck tie on this top from Elizabeth and James. (Kimberly Blouse)
The sexy cutout back and flirty button closure on this dress from Black Halo are completely classed up with colorblocked neutrals. (Cutout Jackie O Dress)
Find your newest style favorites in What’s New.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Little Line I Love: MK2K

There are the boldface, been-around-for-years fashion names that even my dad knows and, on the other end of the spectrum, the little, lesser-known lines from as-yet-unrecognized designers. Lately, I’ve become a big fan of the latter. While these highly edited collections may not have flagship stores that offer everything from sweat-socks to cell phone charms, they are chock full of the kind of artfully designed, trend-proof pieces I love.

MK2K is my current favorite of this small-in-size, big-on-style genre. Quietly building a following since its launch in 2006, MK2K offers the kind of pieces I wish my whole closet was filled with: layering-friendly knits in interesting shapes and feminine-but-not-too-girly tops and dresses, unusual neutrals and coolly unexpected trims and metallic accents. Not in the know about MK2K yet? Check out their fall line here.

First Fashion: Our Favorites from What’s New

Today’s a particularly good day in What’s New for me because I just found my new favorite outfit.
I have a bit of a shoe fetish, which means more often than not I start building an outfit from the feet up. This pair certainly merits the honor. Moschino Cheap and Chic - Pull On Flat Granny Boot
Boho-chic boots demand retro-cool jeans in a light wash to match. This pair is just right. Anlo - Brooke Skinny Jean
The peacock trend isn’t going anywhere, and Ronny Kobo’s offbeat take on it is truly inspired. Torn by Ronny Kobo - Ann Peacock Tank
Build your next work of sartorial brilliance in What’s New.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mad for "Mad Men"

With the second season of “Mad Men” premiering this week, all I can think about is that early '60s style: blouses, skirts, and the necessary pump. And with shopbop, I’ve found updated versions of that ultra-feminine silhouette. The smocked blouse from Tucker pairs a smart print with lightweight silk, and Robert Rodriguez’s pintuck blouse dresses up with sheer chiffon. Anna Sui’s checked blouse is a little more avant-garde, but still keeps a uniquely classic shape. Tweed is showing up for fall and Rebecca Taylor’s skirt keeps it cute with a flounce hem. Vince’s Dirndl Skirt is understated and pretty. I’m a sucker for peep toe pumps, so Kate Spade’s Georgia pump and Marc by Marc’s open toe pump are instant favorites. Now all I need to find is a fedora-sporting ad exec.

First Fashion: Our Favorites from What's New

Online shopping at work? At some offices it’s a big no-no, but here I get to pass it off as ‘research.’ Brilliant! (I know. I kind of hate myself, too.) My first order of business this morning? Making my fall selections from one of my favorite lines of all time, Mike & Chris.
Every season I have a love-at-first sight moment with a certain Mike & Chris jacket, and every season it sells out within minutes of appearing on the site, and I’m left heartbroken. But it seems I’ve finally learned my lesson: I saw this little lovely and snapped it up, stat. Mike & Chris Chandler Leather Jacket
So much more pulled-together and fashion-forward than your standard-issue hoodie. I’d even wear this for evening. Mike & Chris Anson Zip Up Hoodie
Downtown-cool styling in elegant silk? Yes, please! Mike & Chris Remmington Dress
Shopping at work? It makes Monday markedly easier to manage. Find your fashion bliss, right here, in What’s New.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Modern Bombshell: This Seasons Sophisticated Sexiness Puts the Focus on Fit

After so much blousy this and billowy that, it seems a little structure is in order. The solution? Make like a femme fatale in fashion-forward, formfitting pieces that hearken back to a time when styles showcased the feminine silhouette instead of obscuring it. Start with retro-chic bodysuits, couture-meets-punk pieces from Alexander Wang and LaROK, and skinny jeans so tight they could stand in for leggings. Because as we see it, if we're putting in the time on the Pilates Reformer, we might as well show off the results. Body-conscious styles fit for a modern bombshell? Find 'em right here, at shopbop.

Friday, July 25, 2008

In the Glossies: J Brand & Figure-Loving Frocks

The August issue of People Style Watch has a section dedicated to helping ladies find their curvy side, even if they have a boyish figure. And while I love that J Brand’s hip-enhancing skinnies got a shout out, what really caught my eye were the shapely dresses. It just so happens that a waist-defining silhouette is my dress of choice, and we’ve got a whole category dedicated to the figure-enhancing frocks at shopbop. In fact, our head buyer, Erin, made it her pick earlier this year, calling the look “timeless,” “ladylike,” and “always chic.” I think those are three pretty darn good reasons to love it.

See by Chloe: Avant-Garde, yet Timelss

When it comes to fashion, we say we *need* something nearly every day, but rarely is it really the case. Today, we found the exception because with the latest arrival of avant-garde yet timeless pieces from the See by Chloé fall collection, we reeeeally need more than a thing or two. First up, the artfully inspired print dress that's so on-trend for fall - it's a must. Then, the itty-bitty leather jacket - definitely a closet essential. The carry anywhere, anytime clutch - that's a no-brainer. And how about that teeny-tiny metallic-mouse keychain? Okay, that one we don't need, but boy do we want it. So go on, see why you need See by Chloé this season, right here, at shopbop.

First Fashion: Our Favorites from What's New

I’ll be the first to admit I have an unhealthy obsession with J Brand’s 10” Ankle Skinny. (Exactly how unhealthy you ask? At the moment I own them in nearly every color. Plus, I hoard extra pairs of black and indigo in case the ones I have start to look saggy.) But it wasn’t until now, when I became aware of a little voice saying “Ooh—that’ll look great with my skinnies!” that I realized I’ve been subconsciously building my wardrobe around this one piece. Some new friends for my favorite skinnies? I’ve found a few:
I’m generally not big on florals, but this abstract, moody print from Rebecca Taylor immediately captured my eye. (And my heart.) Rebecca Taylor Les Fleurs Long Sleeve Blouse

This is exactly the boot I searched high and low for all last year and never found. The laid-back yet sophisticated styling and just-high-enough heel are super versatile. Frye Lisa Mid Heel Tall Boot
I’ve got a major weakness for deconstructed versions of classic pieces. The asymmetrical hem makes this style feel like some one-of-a-kind fashion-insider find, but it’s not so out there that I have to psych myself up to wear it. MK2K Draped Bottom Long Sleeve Sweater
Is your go-to jean in need some fashionable new friends? Find ‘em right here, in What’s New.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Work It!

When was the last time you got excited about getting dressed for work? If you answered with a wistful 'never' or 'rarely,' we've got good news: a few key pieces promise to break you out of that button-down-plus-straight-skirt-and-black pumps rut. Smart new skirt silhouettes like dirndls, pencils, and pleated styles are fashion-forward yet polished, while a beautifully detailed blouse is a brilliant alternative to the standard-issue button-down. The final statement-making touch? A shoe in glossy patent or an eye-popping hue. Work-perfect pieces that show you've got style? They're right here, at shopbop.

That’s a Wrap!

I've got a bit of a scarf obsession (yes, even in the dead heat of late July), and it all started with my first trip to France. So what better source to turn to for autumn neckwear inspiration than the authority on French chic, Paris Vogue? They have a look book dedicated to the hottest scarves to hit the fall runways, and it’s got me wishing away summer and dreaming of leaves crunching beneath my feet. Check it out, and then find the scarf that’ll have you saying ooh-la-la.

First Fashion: Our Favorites from What's New

Summer trends, fall finds, and personal favorites, What’s New has fine pickins for every fashionista.
The maxi dress is one of my favorite trends this summer, and with T-Bags’ bright, sunshiney print and soft jersey, how could it not be? (T-Bags, Long Halter Dress)
The angled square neck and dramatic shirttail hem make for a fresh shape, and the eye-catching feather trim gives it that one-of-a-kind, signature touch. (Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, Feather Camisole)
Western boots are showing up for fall and Frye has put the classic shape on an elegantly tapered wedge heel. (Frye, Caroline Campus Wedge)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Barbershop Quartet

A couple of weeks ago I spent a few days in Music City for the Barbershop Harmony Society’s International Convention. While the convention demographic skewed a little older and the fashion skewed to sequined vests and matching zoot suits (and penguin costumes!), the style on the streets of Nashville reflected an updated honky-tonk sensibility.

Worn-in western boots were ubiquitous and, in the sticky heat of mid-afternoon CD shopping at Ernest Tubb's and eating too much barbeque at Jack’s, best paired with a light dress like the Magical Mini Dress and the Happy Mini Dress from Daughters of the Revolution, or the Placed Print Easy Dress from Juicy. Best bets for boots? Bronx, N.D.C., Golden Goose, and Frye all offer a western-style riding boot.

When the sun goes down, the shorts come out. Siwy Denim, William Rast, and True Religion showcase the favored distressed, frayed style. Summer tops like Mason’s Racer Detail Tank, LaROK’s Navajo Chain Top, and Rachel Pally’s Double Bow Top show off some skin (and the also-ubiquitous, slightly-faded tattoo) and add a chic sex appeal to dressed-down denim and boots. Add a long necklace or a couple of bangles, and the look is perfect for bar-hopping with a Country and Western twang.

Whether you’re trying to channel Mother Maybelle, Patsy Cline, or Carrie Underwood, shopbop has what you’re looking for.

First Fashion: Our Favorites From What’s New

I’m forever on the lookout for those kinds of pieces that feel fashion-forward but are still everyday-wearable. A few of my recent finds:

Most of my looks start with a tee and skinnies (or alternately, leggings and a tank), over which I layer a piece that (hopefully) pulls the whole thing together--this vest is prime example of just such a piece. The longer length is perfect over leggings, and the basket-weave pattern makes it feel distinctive. YAYA AFLALO Jet Sweater Vest
Luc Kieffer is definitely in the running for the title of Favorite New Fall Jewelry Line. Statement-making but lightweight, subtly sinister yet witty, this is poised to become my new signature piece. Luc Kieffer Barbed Wire Ring
Design newcomer MK2K has been quietly developing a devoted following and this on-trend yet timeless top demonstrates why. MK2K Striped Long Sleeve Top
The pieces you’ll be living in this fall? Find ‘em right here, in What’s New.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Talent Show

Mid-July is kind of an unofficial holiday for us. Why? Because it's the time when we can finally get our hands on those fall runway styles we lost our minds over last February at fashion week. What have we snapped up so far? Well Derek Lam's uptown bohemian Off the Shoulder Dress and pretty plaids from Ports 1961 for starters, plus Lela Rose's ladylike Lantern Sleeve Dress and Thakoon's punk-meets-posh Luiza. The "most wonderful time of the year"? For fashion-obsessed folk it's right now. Celebrate with fresh-off-the-runway fall dresses, from right here, in the Designer Boutique.

We’re Fab! (Or, ‘Even More Great Moments in shopbop Personal Style’)

Dying to see more shopboppers in all their work-wear glory? Well FabSugar (one of our favorite style blogs) has selected some of our staffers for their Look of the Day feature. Check us out! And why not return the favor? Submit your great moments in personal style for inclusion in their Look of the Day. We’d love to see you!

First Fashion: Our Favorites from What’s New

Today, I’ve found myself hit with a case of irrational adoration.
I’m going to share a little secret. If it comes with a sash, tie, or belt of any kind, I want it. Case in point. MK2K - Sleeveless Tunic with Belt
Confession #2: Purple is my Kryptonite, only instead of stripping me of my superhero powers, it makes me want to buy, buy, buy! (And expose my inner Superman-loving nerd, apparently.) Lee Angel - Risa Multi Layer Necklace
It's metallic, shaped like a mouse, and can hold two quarters, Chapstick, and a Tic Tac. And yet, I must have it. See by Chloe - Animalia Mouse Keychain
Rational or not, find your own fashion loves in What’s New.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Love at First Sight

Could have something to do with that New York Times article on sunglasses becoming the new luxury accessory of choice, but I’m suddenly feeling an overwhelming desire for a new pair. I’ve managed to narrow it down to a few timelessly sophisticated styles from Lanvin, Thakoon, and YSL. My criteria? They need to make me feel like some paparazzi-weary star even if I’m just picking up dog food.

Reasons Why We Can Never Have Too Many Shoes

While it may still be the season of sweat collecting on your Margarita glass, secretly you're coveting cashmere and woolly winter coats. Is this rational? Of course not. But neither are most of the best things in life. (See falling in love, reality TV addiction, and Happy Hour drink specials.) How to appear summer-appropriate and still get your fall style fix? Bring some new shoes into the mix. Chic cut-out flats from Kate Spade and sweetly irreverent pom-pom pumps from Marc by Marc Jacobs are great now with little dresses and shorts, and later with all those cold weather pieces you've got bookmarked. 'Cause even if you're crazy for fall fashion, no one but you has to know. Detail-oriented footwear for now and later? Get it right here, at shopbop.

First Fashion: Our Favorites from What’s New

After a fabulously fun weekend, I’m feeling a little kicky today.
The regal color caught my eye and the so-soft suede sealed the deal. I’ll wear these whenever I’m feeling a little vampish this fall. DVF - Suede Pharaoh High Heel Boot
Apparently I’m all about color today, because this shade of red just can’t be denied. And, the patent strap adds the perfect playful touch. L.A.M.B. - Hamura Sling Back Pump
I love the unexpected, and the glitzy metallic matched with laid-back brown on these sandals is just that. They’ll fancy-up my favorite casual looks. Moschino Cheap and Chic - Wishbone Sandal
What’s New is filled with lots o’ shoes and more today. Find your favorites.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Get Ripped! Fall's Essential Distressed Denim

We love the effortless cool of a distressed jean. But the effort (and time) it takes to get that worn-to-perfection look on our own? Not so much. Thankfully, denim designers give lazy, impatient folks like us a fashionable shortcut this fall, offering up a host of authentic-looking distressed styles with artful abrasions, rips, and holes. Fashion-forward ways to wear distressed denim? Find 'em in the just-updated Denim Guide, along with new staff picks, top trends, and fit tips. The latest and greatest in denim? It's in the Denim Guide, right here at shopbop.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Splendid Styles

The basics so brilliant they deserve to be called Splendid? They've become the backbone of every fashionable gal's wardrobe. What started as a T-shirt line that included a mere nine styles back in 2002 has since grown into an extensive collection that includes tanks, thermals, dresses, shorts, pants, and blouses in refined jersey, French terry, sweet stripes, and delicate prints. In short? The kind of comfy-yet-cute styles we can never seem to have too many of. But don't take our word for it, see all sorts of new Splendid right here, at shopbop.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Great Moments in Shopbop Personal Style

No offense to my former employers, but mandatory, all-staff gatherings at other places I’ve worked have hardly been occasion for sartorial inspiration. But here? Well let’s just say our quarterly meeting, 'The Big Skinny,' should have been subtitled 'Great Moments in Personal Style.' (Not that I wasn’t riveted to the slideshow presentation, of course.) Some favorite looks from fellow shopboppers above.

1 Top for 1-2-3-4 Events!

Your weekend schedule? It's always full. Look at Saturday alone: You've got a bike ride with your guy in the morning, followed by brunch with the fam and a little solo museum hopping, then the night is dedicated to having fun with your girls. Count it. That's four different outfits for one day. So what's a busy girl like you to do? Make one piece work for it all, and The Lake & Stars' Genius Camisole is up to the challenge. With cutoffs, it's perfect for a little playtime. Change into white pants for brunch, then go with a comfy-chic jersey skirt for your intellectual affair. For girls' night think urban cool with cuffed skinnies and metallic gladiators. One top, four looks. It's style made easy, and you can find it at shopbop.

First Fashion: Our Faves from What’s New

Rhyme and reason for my picks? Not today. I just thought these were pretty.
Foley + Corinna’s City Tote is a must for any urban girl’s wardrobe, and this shade of green is uniquely fetching and goes with everything. Foley + Corinna - Glazed Mid City Tote
The latest newcomer to, N.D.C. has that whole cool comfort thing going on. I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing this pair with everything this fall. N.D.C. - Caley Soft Shaft Flat Boot
When Rebecca Taylor pieces cross my desk my pretty radar always perks up, and this dress is no exception. It’s classic and feminine and timeless and darn close to perfect. Rebecca Taylor - Combo Dress
What are you in the mood for today? Chances are good you’ll find it in What’s New.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The hottest thing to hit the fall runways wasn't It-model Agyness Deyn. No, it was an accessory most women wear every day: the necklace. Showing up in the most eye-catching forms, they contrasted apparel's return to classic Italian tailoring and staid color palette with brilliant colors and big details. And that's why we're scooping up a little something flashy from the likes of Giles & Brother and Lulu Frost, tuleste market and Kenneth Jay Lane. Statement necklaces are the hottest accessory for fall. Get yours now, at shopbop.

City-Chic Bags from Foley + Corinna

We've been fans of Foley + Corinna since they got their start, and to this day we can't decide what it is we love most about them. Is it the vintage sensibility? The cool with a ladylike slant? The fact that they make the sleekest city-chic handbags we've ever seen? Today, we're voting for option three because the latest and greatest carryalls have arrived, and they're as urbane as ever. Your favorite styles are here, as well as a few fabulous new additions, so check them out today, at shopbop.