Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Fashion: Our Favorites From What's New

Sad but true: at this point in the year, I’ve all but given up on my summer wardrobe, kicked it to the curb, left it for dead. My fickle fashion heart? It only wants fall, Fall, FALL! Some soon-to-be favorite pieces I see making it into heavy rotation? So far I’ve found these:
The perfect little luxe-yet-laid-back style for layering over everything. This plus skinnies plus boots equals my go-to cool-weather look. (VPL Martha Cashmere Wrap)
After one too many moments spent digging to the bottom of my massive everyday bag in a dark bar searching for some essential item, I’ve decided it’s time I acquire a proper (but not precious) evening carry-all. This one’s plenty glam and keeps all those must-haves at my fingertips. (Botkier Metallic Rex Small Shoulder Bag)
Unlike most of the once-beloved pieces I’ve spent the last three months in (maxi dress, long tank, slouchy tee, leggings? I’m talking to you), my red-hot romance with the vest is continuing into fall. The subtle metallic threads and fabric-covered buttons make this one feel really special. (Karen Zambos Vintage Couture Fitted Vest)
Farewell summer style loves! Right now it’s all about fall. Find your new fashion friends in What’s New.

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