Monday, July 21, 2008

Reasons Why We Can Never Have Too Many Shoes

While it may still be the season of sweat collecting on your Margarita glass, secretly you're coveting cashmere and woolly winter coats. Is this rational? Of course not. But neither are most of the best things in life. (See falling in love, reality TV addiction, and Happy Hour drink specials.) How to appear summer-appropriate and still get your fall style fix? Bring some new shoes into the mix. Chic cut-out flats from Kate Spade and sweetly irreverent pom-pom pumps from Marc by Marc Jacobs are great now with little dresses and shorts, and later with all those cold weather pieces you've got bookmarked. 'Cause even if you're crazy for fall fashion, no one but you has to know. Detail-oriented footwear for now and later? Get it right here, at shopbop.

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