Friday, July 25, 2008

First Fashion: Our Favorites from What's New

I’ll be the first to admit I have an unhealthy obsession with J Brand’s 10” Ankle Skinny. (Exactly how unhealthy you ask? At the moment I own them in nearly every color. Plus, I hoard extra pairs of black and indigo in case the ones I have start to look saggy.) But it wasn’t until now, when I became aware of a little voice saying “Ooh—that’ll look great with my skinnies!” that I realized I’ve been subconsciously building my wardrobe around this one piece. Some new friends for my favorite skinnies? I’ve found a few:
I’m generally not big on florals, but this abstract, moody print from Rebecca Taylor immediately captured my eye. (And my heart.) Rebecca Taylor Les Fleurs Long Sleeve Blouse

This is exactly the boot I searched high and low for all last year and never found. The laid-back yet sophisticated styling and just-high-enough heel are super versatile. Frye Lisa Mid Heel Tall Boot
I’ve got a major weakness for deconstructed versions of classic pieces. The asymmetrical hem makes this style feel like some one-of-a-kind fashion-insider find, but it’s not so out there that I have to psych myself up to wear it. MK2K Draped Bottom Long Sleeve Sweater
Is your go-to jean in need some fashionable new friends? Find ‘em right here, in What’s New.

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