Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Fashion: Our Favorites from What’s New

Today, I’ve found myself hit with a case of irrational adoration.
I’m going to share a little secret. If it comes with a sash, tie, or belt of any kind, I want it. Case in point. MK2K - Sleeveless Tunic with Belt
Confession #2: Purple is my Kryptonite, only instead of stripping me of my superhero powers, it makes me want to buy, buy, buy! (And expose my inner Superman-loving nerd, apparently.) Lee Angel - Risa Multi Layer Necklace
It's metallic, shaped like a mouse, and can hold two quarters, Chapstick, and a Tic Tac. And yet, I must have it. See by Chloe - Animalia Mouse Keychain
Rational or not, find your own fashion loves in What’s New.

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