Friday, July 11, 2008

First Fashion: Our Favorites from What’s New

My freshman year roommate was the first person I knew who wore really nice lingerie (my bras meanwhile were stretchy, unremarkable affairs often held together with safety pins) all the time, and it always struck me as incredibly sophisticated. I bought my first nice bra under her influence-I’ve been hooked on pretty underwear ever since.
I like to pretend I picked these up at some exclusive lingerie shoppe in Paris. (In actuality the only French city I’ve been to is Strasbourg—not exactly the chic capitol of the world. And I was traveling with my high school choir. Enough said.) Eberjey Lady Godiva Hot Pant
A part of me has always wanted to have the permanently elegant, buttoned-up sexiness of a Hitchcock heroine. (Then I remember I’m too lazy. And too human.) This pair makes me feel all Grace Kelly in Rear Window. Eberjey Delirious French Brief
This pretty-yet-practical style makes me feel girly even if I’m wearing a grungy tee. Eberjey India Lace Retro Bralet
Lingerie drawer looking a little sad? Shop these and scores of other too-pretty-for-words styles, right here in What’s New.

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You are too cute.