Friday, July 18, 2008

First Fashion: Our Faves from What’s New

Rhyme and reason for my picks? Not today. I just thought these were pretty.
Foley + Corinna’s City Tote is a must for any urban girl’s wardrobe, and this shade of green is uniquely fetching and goes with everything. Foley + Corinna - Glazed Mid City Tote
The latest newcomer to, N.D.C. has that whole cool comfort thing going on. I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing this pair with everything this fall. N.D.C. - Caley Soft Shaft Flat Boot
When Rebecca Taylor pieces cross my desk my pretty radar always perks up, and this dress is no exception. It’s classic and feminine and timeless and darn close to perfect. Rebecca Taylor - Combo Dress
What are you in the mood for today? Chances are good you’ll find it in What’s New.

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