Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Fashion: Our Favorites from What's New

Summer is (officially) underway, and I’ve come to realize there are a few pieces out there that are must-haves for the season.
Lightweight Jersey
Casual, sexy, and ridiculously comfortable, jersey tops (like this one from 291) are perfect for the summer. Add a scoop back and a little tie-dye, and I’ve got the perfect top for catching cool breezes on a sweltering Saturday night.
Unique Footwear
Everyone and their sister is out flip-flopping in some sort of sandal, and the last thing I want is to saunter up to the bar, only to realize that every other girl lined up along the zinc is wearing some clone of the same strappy shoe. Can’t happen with this cool pair from Dolce Vita.
Effortless Dress
At shopbop we’ve been extolling the charms of the summer dress for weeks, and my love of its insta-chic properties and flattering silhouettes has not waned. This jersey number from Splendid is the epitome of simple style.
Find your own must-haves in What’s New.

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