Friday, June 6, 2008

Denim 101: The Holy Grail of Online Denim Shopping

Boy oh boy, do I know what an undertaking finding a pair of jeans online is! And just because I work at SB, does not make me immune. We have such an incredible variety of denim, that to single-handedly find the perfect pair I would have have to confine myself to a dressing room for a month to really see the extent of our selection. I know I don’t have that kind of time. And I'm pretty sure you guys don’t either!

The innumerable obstacles we all face when shopping for denim online are daunting, but the largest one? Not being able to try anything on!

So what are the options? Buy 10 pairs, and send back 9? Get stuck with a pair that are just okay? Argh! The frustration! I want to fall madly in love with my denim. I want to hug and squeeze it and take it on a date. Is that too much to ask?

In the quest to solve the 'Greatest Mystery of Online Shopping', I've banded together with our stylists, buyers, and oh-so-savvy Customer Service department.

Our buyers are so brilliantly on point when it comes to what's hot - and of course what's classic - in denim. The stylists are always looking for new ways to wear, tear, dress up, and dress down their jeans, and Customer Service are the true soldiers in the denim trenches, fighting side by side with you guys to let us know what really works…and more importantly, what doesn’t!

It's the Dream Team. We have wefted and warped our way through more twill than the gold rushers in '49 to bring you THE most comprehensive guide out there: DENIM 101. It covers how to shop for jeans on our site, what you NEED to know about fit, and what styles and washes look best on what body types. We cover quite a few of our most popular brands, from Seven for All Mankind to William Rast, J Brand, Citizens of Humanity, and more.

It also happens to be our first video EVER, so I am super psyched!

To me, it's like the light at the end of the tunnel. And I really hope you like it.

-Morgan Wendelborn

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