Monday, June 16, 2008

First Fashion: Our Favorite's from What's New

For whatever reason, my picks from today’s What’s New say "Lumberjack chic." For reals.
This checked shirt from Sunner may take its inspiration from a certain legendary lumberjack’s closet, but with a cool blue color and a flattering fit, this top is my favorite kind of unexpected style.
These shorts from Elizabeth and James have that “I ripped a hole in my favorite jeans and had to cut them off so I can still keep wearing them” look that I love. Plus, the suspenders are off-beat and cool and much more delicate than those you might expect from expert tree-fellers.
I love the sweet heart detail and metallic leather band on this watch from Juicy Couture. It may not be appropriate lumberjack wear, but I could time how long it takes Paul to cut down a tree!

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