Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First Fashion: Our Favorites from What's New

Working for a web-based boutique, I love to tout the benefits of online shopping, and today, a few items illustrate the pros of on-model versus the cons of on-hanger presentation.
On-Hanger Con: It’s difficult to imagine that insouciant, breezy style Paul & Joe is known for when there are no arms in those sleeves. On-Model Pro: With arms to fill them, it’s ethereal elegance at its finest. (And that blue is just about the prettiest I’ve seen, but that’s not really a model thing.) Paul & Joe - Honore Long Sleeve Blouse
On-Hanger Con: When this dress came across my desk, my first thought was: “What the...?” On-Model Pro: Its volume creates some pretty amazing draping action when it has a couple of shoulders to hang on. Elizabeth and James - Cocoon Dress
On-Hanger Con: Volume plus horizontal pleating can equal a fit disaster. On-Model Pro: So obviously not the case here. I’m hooked! Helmut Lang - Draped Top
Make your own pro/con list in What’s New.

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