Friday, June 20, 2008

First Fashion: Our Favorites from What’s New

What I want right now? A few well-chosen pieces to revitalize my summer wardrobe.
No one made white jeans look more chic than Jackie O. These are like a modern version of something she would’ve worn back in the day, and the flare leg makes them super flattering. Hudson, Paris Signature Flare Pant
I’ve been craving something snakeskin for some time now, but the sticker shock of the real thing was giving me serious pause. This embossed-leather style looks surprisingly realistic and the price doesn’t make my heart palpitate. Foley + Corinna, Snake Mid City Tote
I love how an arty-cool pair of earrings elevates an otherwise standard-issue summer look. Gorjana, Selma Earrings
You’ve seen what I want. Now find what you want, right here in What’s New.

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