Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Fashion: Favorites from What’s New

I’m coming off a long weekend that included a very ladylike baby shower, so I’m in the mood for some luxe glamour with an effortless slant.
There’s nothing hotter than a pair of high-waisted jeans this season, and these have a brilliant leg to match. They’re trendy, yet I know I’ll wear them for years. (See by Chloe - High Waisted Wide Leg Flare Jean)
Red, patent, sexy cut? They’re my picture of shoe perfection. I have a closet full of KORS, and I’m adding one more pair to the bunch. (KORS Shoes - Wicked Asymmetrical Sandal)
Jewelry’s going big this fall, and this necklace will get me started on the trend. Classic in its metal yet funky in its design, I’ll be wearing it for the next six months. (tuleste market - Solid Petal Necklace)
Add my trusty white Bop Basics tee to that trio, and I’ve got my ideal ensemble. Find yours in What’s New.

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