Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rihanna, Where You At?

A select few celebrities can do no wrong style-wise for me, and Rihanna is right there at the top of that list. Doesn’t matter what it is, if she’s wearing it, I want it. The yellow dress she rocked at the BET Awards last night? Yes. Latex leggings? Love. Oversized hoops? Must. Have. Pleated, slouchy trousers with a white tank? Perfection.

Of course, seeing as I work at an online retailer, tracking down Rihanna-like items on our site could be considered research. (Purchasing said items? Now that’s a bit harder to rationalize.) Got a girl-crush on Rihanna? These three pieces pay tribute to her inimitable style.

Inspired by the beaut she wore to the BET Awards, but at a price that’s right for those of us without a recording contract. Alice + Olivia Double Strap Long Dress
Latex. Leggings. Need I say more? Kova & T Latex Leggings
Massive hoops up the style ante of any ensemble. These are delicate enough that they don’t weigh down my earlobes. Melissa Joy Manning Extra Large Hoops

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