Monday, May 19, 2008

First Fashion: The Best of What's New

Jersey and sandals are the perfect fair weather friends.
Soft jersey, great fit, and thoughtful detail? All these are combined in Lauren Conrad’s Jackie Tube Top. With subtle ruching at the bust and a shape that will flatter anyone, this top is at the top of my Wish List.
I spent all fall and winter accumulating cozy flats and boots, and now that the threat of frost is finally gone, I’ve been searching for a pair of sandals to show off my freshly painted toes. Botkier’s Ginger Metallic Ring Sandal gives an extra kick with hammered metal rings and goes perfectly with both Cara Mia Crimson and I’m Not Really a Waitress.
>I love pajamas. Old pajamas. Pajamas that have been through the wash so often they are allllmost threadbare – and probably the softest article of clothing on the planet. Some days, all I want to wear is something that soft but still respectable and cute. Thank the t-shirt gods for Splendid’s Very Light Tee. Incredibly soft jersey and the perfect t-shirt fit? Um, I will probably stock up on these like I stocked up on toilet paper in December 1999.

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